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Dementia Care: Bath and Shower Tips

While it may not be easy to help bathe a loved one with dementia, it’s possible to find ways to improve the bathing experience. Here’s how.

Dementia Care: Flowers that Can Sicken

Avoid keeping these potentially poisonous plants in the home of a person with dementia.

Dementia Care: What About Driving?

How to determine when it’s time for a person with dementia to stay off the road.

Dementia Care: A Safer Bedroom

Here’s what to know to protect a dementia patient during the night.

How to Get a Healthcare Proxy

This important document allows you to make health decisions on a loved one’s behalf if necessary.

Adult Learning a Boost for the Brain

Could taking college courses help ward off dementia? Researchers say yes.

Worried About Memory Lapses?

According to scientists at Rush Medical Center in Chicago, being aware of your inability to remember an event—called episodic memory—is a sign that your cognitive function is likely intact.

Alzheimer's and the 'Other Woman'

Intimacy among people with Alzheimer’s usually goes no further than holding hands. However, new connections can distress the partner who feels rejected or replaced.

oatmeal with blueberries

MIND Diet May Cut Alzheimer's Risk

You’ll serve your mind well by making this eating plan a permanent part of your lifestyle.

older woman talking with younger woman

8 Tips for Choosing a Nursing Home for Dementia Patients

As dementia progresses, a patient’s increasing dependence and need for supervision may make it impossible for family members to provide all necessary care.