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How to Handle an Alzheimer's Patient Who Wants More Sex

Some individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias become hypersexual. They may make increased demands for sex, more than an overburdened caregiver can meet.

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Embarrassing Sexual Behaviors and Alzheimer's

Someone with Alzheimer’s may engage in public displays of sexuality that can be distressing and embarrassing. Here are tips on how to handle those situations.

8 Tips for Dealing with Chemo Brain

Evidence suggests that 25 to 40 percent of cancer patients and survivors experience cognitive problems to some degree.

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Sex and Alzheimer's: The Consent Issue

It can be difficult to determine whether some people with Alzheimer’s have no interest in sex or whether they are simply unable to communicate their sexual needs.

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Why Brain Training Games Don't Work

For anyone who fears cognitive decline, online brain training offers a fun solution: Play games on your electronic device and stave off dementia. But the FTC says the games don’t actually improve memory. Here’s why.

A Preventable Dementia Called CTE

The brain pathology of this form of dementia shares some similarities with Alzheimer’s, though there are marked differences as well.

Challenging Hobbies Help Maintain Brain Health

Although there’s a long way to go before Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are well understood, studies have shown that keeping the body and brain active throughout life may at least delay dementia symptoms. Happily, staying active is not all w...