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Couple walking through a park holding hands.

When Your Partner Has MS

Multiple sclerosis is a life-altering condition — it's not just going to alter your partner's life, it's going to alter yours, too. However, that doesn't mean it's the end of life and your relationship as you know it. Find ways to be a supportive partner, while keeping your spark alive.

Man caregiving for a senior.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Caregiving for Someone Living With Alzheimer's

Mistakes are inevitable when caregiving for someone with Alzheimer's. Some are more avoidable than others. Here are guidelines to avert the most common mistakes.

Group of smiling women at a special event.

Living With MS: Survival Tips for Your Big Event

True: There is no getting rid of your MS for a big event. False: It’s impossible to enjoy yourself. Follow these tips to go to your event with confidence and have fun.

Housekeeper helping with the ironing.

Accepting Help Around the House With MS

Why does it take so long to realize that assistance is not only necessary ― but already in place?

Terry, his mother, and their cat, Lucky

Caring for My Mom Has Taught Me to Care for Myself, Too

I have been taking care of my mother, who has dementia, for more than nine years. Some days go by and there are no problems. But other days can be difficult.

Christine Salerno with daughter Lily.

Managing Rett Syndrome is a Full-Time Job

Sometimes, taking time off from work to spend time with your child is more important than leading a Fortune 250 company.

Activities that Might Slow Memory Decline

Activities that Might Slow Memory Decline

Which activities might slow memory decline for people with mild cognitive impairment? A new study uncovers some answers.

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8 Ways That Adults With ADHD Can Improve Their Relationships

Credit: iStock Relationships are tough — especially when one or both partners have ADHD. ADHD symptoms can appear as indifference or often interfere in personal relationships, even when you deeply love the other person. You might have heard statistic...

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Why Family Meals Help

Eating meals with your loved one may improve his or her quality of life.