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Symptoms May Predict How Quickly Alzheimer’s Progresses

In patients with mild Alzheimer’s, certain symptoms may predict how quickly the condition may progress to a more severe form of the dementia.

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Vascular Dementia and Other Causes of Memory Loss

After eliminating other causes of memory loss, a physician will consider irreversible dementias as possible diagnoses.

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How to Get an Accurate Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Once other conditions, such as depression, Huntington’s disease or hypothyroidism, have been ruled out, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is made by accumulating information on the individual’s history and mental status exams and by interviews with the patien...

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7 Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease

Despite tremendous advances in the understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, scientists have yet to pinpoint the causes of the disorder. Here’s what to know about each of the risk factors.

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