Brain Tumors: Do They Respond to Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, a type of treatment that enlists parts of our immune systems to fight diseases, may also help treat slow-growing brain tumors, a new study shows.

By Karen Gaudette Brewer

Top Resources for People With Brain Cancer

You need help when you get a brain cancer diagnosis. Check out these organizations and websites for medical information, emotional support, and financial help.

By Eileen Bailey

Basics of Brain Cancer Treatment Options

Learn more about surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted treatment, and other approaches to a wide variety of brain cancers.

By Eileen Bailey

To All Who Helped Along Your Cancer Journey

A simple thank you card and gift can go a long way to showing your appreciation for the family, friends, and doctors who helped you on your cancer journey.

By Phyllis Johnson

Cancer "monorails" may help kill brain tumors

Scientists at Georgia Tech say they have developed a new way to treat brain cancer, one that involves tricking tumor cells to move along a microfiber “track” to a location where doctors can target them more effectively. According to a study published ...

Fat cells used to fight brain cancer

In an elaborate game of cellular hide and seek, scientists have found a way to use stem cells from human fat to seek out hard-to-find ‘migrating’ cancer cells in the brain. The most common and aggressive type of brain tumor is called glioblastoma, an...