Brain Cancer

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Those With Obesity More Likely to Develop Common Brain Tumor

Obesity may increase the risk of the meningioma brain tumor by more than 50 percent, according a study from the University of Regensburg in Germany. For their study, researchers did a meta-analysis of 13 previous studies involving 6,000 people with b...

How to Pick the Right Oncologist

Do you have the right oncologist? Check this list of 10 tips to make sure yours matches up with the health professional you really need.

By PJ Hamel

Brain Cancer Risk Factors

Radiation therapy used to treat brain cancers increases the risk of brain tumors up to 20 or 30 years later.

By Allison Bush

Long term mobile phone use may raise brain cancer risk

Here’s the latest development in the debate over whether extensive cell phone use can lead to brain cancer. A study published in the journal Pathophysiology reports that a team of Swedish researchers found that after 25 years of cell phone use, the r...

Stem cells loaded with herpes fight brain tumors

A new study has found that applying herpes-loaded stem cells to brain tumors may be an effective method for improving survival rates. Previous studies have tested the effects of herpes viruses on tumors, but researchers continually ran into the probl...

Cancer "monorails" may help kill brain tumors

Scientists at Georgia Tech say they have developed a new way to treat brain cancer, one that involves tricking tumor cells to move along a microfiber “track” to a location where doctors can target them more effectively. According to a study published ...

Fat cells used to fight brain cancer

In an elaborate game of cellular hide and seek, scientists have found a way to use stem cells from human fat to seek out hard-to-find ‘migrating’ cancer cells in the brain. The most common and aggressive type of brain tumor is called glioblastoma, an...

Lifelong activity sharpens adult memory

We all know that staying active throughout our lives is good for our heart and bodies. Now research from King’s College suggests that people who are consistently active from a young age tend to have sharper memories and cognitive function when they g...

Real time brain tumor analysis on horizon

A new tool may allow surgeons to quickly identify identify the type, grade and tumor margins of brain cancer during brain surgery. The tool allows surgeons to spray a microscopic stream of charged solvent directly onto brain tissue. The solvent then ...

When It Spreads: Breast Cancer Metastasis, Part I

What is your prognosis for breast cancer when it has spread? And what does that mean for your future?

By Phyllis Johnson