How to Help Someone with Cancer

Many of us know a woman with breast cancer, but do you know the best things you can do or say to help her through it?

By PJ Hamel

Caring for the Caregivers

Caregivers are human, too, and they need a little help once in while to make sure they don't get burned out. Here's how to lighten their load.

By PJ Hamel

From Caregiver to Accepting Care: How I Learned to Accept Help as a Breast Cancer Patient

Bethany Kandel had to learn how to be a patient after being a caregiver following her breast cancer diagnosis. She shares tips for the role reversal.

By Bethany Kandel

10 Winter Tips for Cancer Survivors

If you're a breast cancer survivor, here are 10 helpful ways to keep yourself warm and healthy during the winter.

By PJ Hamel

10 Simple Gifts for Cancer Patients

If someone you love is going through breast cancer, thoughtful gifts like jewerly or helping around the house can brighten their day.

By PJ Hamel

Supporting Men with Breast Cancer

About 1 percent of breast cancer patients are men, but where do they turn for support? These organizations are helping men know they're not alone.

By Phyllis Johnson

Should You Get Palliative Care with Cancer?

If your cancer has turned into a long, hard struggle, palliative care can make you more comfortable while you continue treatment. Here's how it can help.

By PJ Hamel

8 Tips for Dealing with Chemo Brain

Evidence suggests that 25 to 40 percent of cancer patients and survivors experience cognitive problems to some degree.

By Phyllis Johnson

For Friends and Family: Knowing When to Let Go

You’ve been caring for – or maybe simply just caring about – someone with breast cancer. That person has come to a fork in the road: continue treatment, or give it up? Your mom, your sister, your friend is leaning toward ending her potentially life-p...

By PJ Hamel

Forever Can Change: 10 Cancer Side Effects That Won't Last

Side effects from breast cancer treatment can be brutal. And when you’re in the midst of chemo, radiation, or drug therapy, it’s easy to think the nightmare is never going to end. But take heart as the majority of treatment side effects will disappea...

By PJ Hamel