Breast Cancer Does Not Rule Out Breastfeeding

Promising facts about breastfeeding and breast cancer for all new mothers — those with or at risk for breast cancer, and those seeking to prevent it.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

Mom Time Counts with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Rhonda Howell, who has metastatic breast cancer, savors the time she spends with her 6-year-old son, and aims to see him graduate from high school.

By Sheila M. Eldred

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Moving Forward

Get tips for facing the future with metastatic breast cancer, including self-compassion, education, advocacy, and connection with your family and support network.

By Lara DeSanto

How Well Are You Managing Life With Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Take this test to learn about areas in your life — like nutrition, stress and side-effect management, and more — where you may need extra support.

By Lara DeSanto

Sleep Issues With Metastatic Breast Cancer: How to Cope

Learn the common sleep problems caused by this late-stage cancer, like insomnia, why they occur, and how to treat them.

By PJ Hamel

How One Woman’s Fitness Passion Helps Her Through Metastatic Breast Cancer

Even after her MBC diagnosis, Lesley was determined to stay active. And experts believe exercise with MBC has numerous benefits, too.

By Stephanie Stephens

9 Ways to Eat Healthier With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Get tips on how to develop an eating plan when you’re living with MBC, straight from an oncology dietitian and nutrition educator.

By Stephanie Stephens

Exercise Tips for Women With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Is it beneficial to exercise when living with MBC? If so, how much exercise is helpful, and what types? Learn more here.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

10 Juice and Smoothie Recipes for Cancer Prevention

Protecting yourself from cancer has never been so delicious.

By Carmen Roberts, MS, RD, LDN

How Bruce Springsteen Helped a Breast Cancer Survivor

These are the life lessons from a Springsteen superfan who has long believed in the healing power of art and music.

By Pamela Kaufman