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Did Your Cancer Diagnosis Scare Friends Away?

When you get a cancer diagnosis, it can cause once-thriving friendships to come to an end. Here's how fear can make people do strange things.

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Elevated CEA Levels After Breast Cancer: Should You Worry?

Allen’s wife is a seven-year survivor of breast cancer. Now, he asks, should he be concerned about her high CEA reading?

Lesley Glenn on mountain.

Climbing Your Mountain With Breast Cancer

Even after her breast cancer diagnosis, Lesley was determined to stay active, and experts believe exercise can have physical and psychological benefits.

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Working Out With Breast Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis doesn't mean you have to give up exercise. If you have the energy, here's how excercising during treatment can help you feel better.

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9 Ways to Eat Healthier With Metastatic Breast Cancer

Get tips on how to develop an eating plan when you’re living with MBC, straight from an oncology dietitian and nutrition educator.

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Gaining Weight With Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Here’s why some of your treatments may cause weight gain, and what you can do about it.

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My Valentine to Breast Cancer

When I had my last radiation treatment on Valentine’s Day, I thought life would go back to normal. It turns out my cancer experience made life even sweeter.

Melissa Thompson speaking about fertility and cancer.

Helping Women Have Kids With Breast Cancer

When Melissa Thompson’s fertility preservation wasn’t covered by her insurance because of her breast cancer diagnosis, she took action.

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Why Stretching Is Key After Mastectomy

Get your muscles back in shape after a mastectomy by kicking off your post-surgical exercise plan with these simple stretches.

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Family Health History: How Much Do You Know?

When it comes to breast cancer, knowing your family history and following up with genetic testing could save your life. Here's how to find the facts you need.