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Photographer Miana Jun captures Rebecca Pine in sea.

Should You ‘Go Flat’ After Mastectomy?

Read this powerful Q&A with breast cancer survivor Rebecca Pine, who decided against reconstructive surgery, and went on to have a baby, after her mastectomy.

Rosanne Gialanella at SMGlobal Catwalk.

Bruce Springsteen Helped Her Get Through

These are the life lessons from a Springsteen superfan with stage 4 breast cancer, who has long believed in the healing power of art and music.

Woman with arms raised in sunny field.

Appreciating Time as a Cancer Survivor

For cancer survivors, here’s one New Year’s resolution to add to your list: Seize the day and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

2017 statistics concept.

Breast Cancer Statistics: 2017 by the Numbers

Get the latest stats on incidence, mortality, survival, and screening by race/ethnicity in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society.

Smiling women hanging holiday decorations.

5 Great Gifts Cancer Survivors Will Love

Looking for something to give a cancer survivor this holiday season? Here are 5 heartfelt gifts you can't buy at the store.

Gift packages and hand weights.

Best Fitness Gifts for a Chronic Illness

Do you know someone with arthritis, breast cancer, or heart disease who's trying to stay in shape? Try these great illness-specific gift suggestions.

Woman with cancer reading.

Essential Metastatic Breast Cancer Book List

If you're looking for more information about metastatic breast cancer, try these reading suggestions, including cookbooks, medical guides, memoirs, and more.

John McCain speaking at the 2016 Arizona Manufacturing Summit

Is John McCain a "Cancer Warrior"?

Is it troubling to call war hero John McCain's cancer experience a "battle" or a "fight"? What's the right way to talk about cancer?

Older couple having serious discussion with doctor.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Survival Is Going Up

Many people think metastatic breast cancer is a death sentence, but more women are living longer despite this serious diagnosis.

Senior woman contemplating on the beach.

How to Transition From Cancer Patient to Survivor

Some cancer survivors are surprised when they don’t go back to their usual selves. Here are tips to make transition into survivorship smoother.