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10 Steps for Coming Back from Cancer

How do you transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor? Follow these tips for what to expect as you come out the other side.

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Restoring Balance If You Have Peripheral Neuropathy

Nerve damage caused by chemotherapy is a common problem for cancer patients. One analysis of 31 studies found that almost 70 percent of chemotherapy patients will experience chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) during treatment with abou...

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8 Tips for Dealing with Chemo Brain

Evidence suggests that 25 to 40 percent of cancer patients and survivors experience cognitive problems to some degree.

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Forever Can Change: 10 Cancer Side Effects That Won't Last

Side effects from breast cancer treatment can be brutal. And when you’re in the midst of chemo, radiation, or drug therapy, it’s easy to think the nightmare is never going to end. But take heart as the majority of treatment side effects will disappea...

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Six Steps to Finding a Clinical Trial

How do your doctors make decisions about your treatment plan? In large part, information from clinical trials tells them the best medicine and dosage for you. My oncologist and I read the results of clinical trials in order to decide on an aggressive ...

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Acupuncture For Cancer Side Effects?

Women who have hot flashes as a result of breast cancer treatment may benefit from regular acupuncture treatments, according to this study.

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Immunotherapy: the New Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is devastating. Perhaps the most dreaded part of breast cancer treatment, chemo is marked by hair loss, chronic fatigue, debilitating sickness, mental issues, and often permanent side effects. Aside from death, it’s probably the breast c...

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Chemotherapy's Devastating Hidden Side Effects

Breast cancer survivors talk about the chemo side effect that you don’t always hear about - and certainly don’t expect to have years after chemo is done.

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When It Spreads: Breast Cancer Metastasis, Part I

What is your prognosis for breast cancer when it has spread? And what does that mean for your future?