10 Things Oncologists Wish You Knew About Breast Cancer

Check out these 10 practical steps and oncologist insights to put most of your fears about dying from breast cancer to rest.

By Christa Sgobba

AI for Dense Breasts: Is it Accurate?

Researchers have developed AI that can assess dense breast tissue as reliably as radiologists — an innovation they hope will make mammograms more reliable.

By Karen Gaudette Brewer

Fruits and Veggies Lower Breast Cancer Risk

In case you need even more reasons to eat a healthier diet, this study shows that eating more fruits and vegetables can lower breast cancer risk by 11 percent.

By Diane Domina

Learn From My Recent Mammogram Experience

The technician? She was texting. The radiologist? There wasn’t one on site. Here’s what Amy wants you to learn from her mammogram story.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

Breast Cancer Funds for Uninsured Women

If you find a lump in your breast and don't have insurance, you might be eligible for breast cancer screening and treatment through this government program.

By PJ Hamel

Want to Lower Cancer Risk? Eat (B)right!

Enjoy these tasty recipes, all packed with antioxidant-rich, cancer-fighting beta-carotene.

By PJ Hamel

Make These Changes to Ward Off Breast Cancer

Exercise, cutting back on alcohol, and losing weight are all great ways to starting protecting yourself from breast cancer right now.

By PJ Hamel

Do You Know Your Family Medical History?

Learn more about your family medical history by checking public records, taking a DNA test, and talking to your relatives.

By Phyllis Johnson

Vaccines After Breast Cancer

Vaccines for you and your family can offer vital protection if your immunity is compromised by chemotherapy, radiation, and stress from breast cancer treatment.

By Phyllis Johnson

11 Important Breast Cancer Facts

From mammograms to family history, here are 11 breast cancer facts every woman should know as breast cancer awareness month rolls around each October.

By PJ Hamel