10 Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Breast Cancer Patients

Is there a woman with breast cancer on your holiday shopping list? Finding the right gift needn’t be difficult. Ideas include a book or funny movie.

By Phyllis Johnson

Learning to Accept Help with Breast Cancer

Cancer is a kick in the gut, but it can also be a wake-up call to stop running youself ragged. When people offer help, you should take it.

By PJ Hamel

10 Simple Gifts for Cancer Patients

If someone you love is going through breast cancer, thoughtful gifts like jewerly or helping around the house can brighten their day.

By PJ Hamel

For Friends and Family: Knowing When to Let Go

You’ve been caring for – or maybe simply just caring about – someone with breast cancer. That person has come to a fork in the road: continue treatment, or give it up? Your mom, your sister, your friend is leaning toward ending her potentially life-p...

By PJ Hamel