After Mastectomy, Don't Neglect Breast Imaging and Biopsy

Mastectomy to treat or prevent breast cancer doesn’t eliminate the need for imaging tests and biopsies in the future, according to a study.

By Diane Domina

Can Silicone Implants Cause Health Problems?

These rare health problems are more common in women with silicone breast implants, according to a large study on silicone breast implant safety.

By Diane Domina

Should You Get a Lumpectomy or Mastectomy?

It's one of the hardest choices a woman with breast cancer has to make. Here's how to weigh your options to make the right decision for you.

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Having a Baby Saved Me From Breast Cancer

Katrina Wells’ daughter was a surprise that might have helped saved her life. Read her story about finding the BRCA1 gene mutation in her pregnancy blood test.

By Erin L. Boyle

How to Live Your Best Life with BRCA

Finding out you have a BRCA gene mutation can be scary. But knowledge is power, and you can take these steps to prevent and detect breast cancer early.

By Katherine Malmo

Breast Cancer Changed Everything

Read the candid and heart-wrenching story of PJ Hamel, a mom who faced a harsh reality — and lived to see her son grow up.

By PJ Hamel

Family Health History: How Much Do You Know?

When it comes to breast cancer, knowing your family history and following up with genetic testing could save your life. Here's how to find the facts you need.

By Stephanie Stephens