Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Outcomes

African-American women with hormone-receptor positive, HER2-negative breast cancer experience higher rates of recurrence and mortality than white women.

By Diane Domina

Heart Med Could Prevent Damage Caused by Chemo Drug

Results of a small study suggest the beta-blocker carvedilol, taken with the chemotherapy drug Herceptin, can reduce heart damage risk in cancer patients.

By Diane Domina

Health Problems in Breast Cancer Survivors

You should feel great about making it through your breast cancer treatments, but as a survivor you'll also have to stay on guard for these other conditions.

By PJ Hamel

Tips for Metastatic Breast Cancer Support

Looking for treatment information, emotional support, or other help with metastatic breast cancer? Here's how to find it.

By Bethany Kandel

Acupuncture Helps Joint Pain from Cancer Drug

Treated for breast cancer but stopped aromatase inhibitors due debilitating joint pain? Acupuncture can help.

By Katherine Malmo

Do You Have "Chemobrain"?

If you feel confused or have trouble focusing as you go through cancer treatment, it could be chemobrain. Learn more about what it is and why it happens.

By Kathleen Hall, MBA

Race Affects Breast Cancer Chemo Completion

New research suggests that non-white women are less likely to complete the full-term course of chemotherapy to treat their breast cancer. What gives?

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

The Financial Burden of Breast Cancer

Has breast cancer diagnosis and treatment taken a financial toll on your life? You're not alone, according to this study.

By Diane Domina

All About AC + T for Breast Cancer

If your doctor has recommended the chemo regime AC + T for breast cancer, here's what you should know about how it works and the potential side effects.

By PJ Hamel

All About Taxol/Taxotere and Cytoxan (TC)

If your doctor has recomended Taxol/Taxotere and Cytoxan (TC) therapy for early-stage breast cancer, here’s what you can expect during treatment.

By PJ Hamel