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When Can Breast Cancer Survivors Stop Hormone Treatment?

One of the most difficult decisions for a vast number of breast cancer survivors just became a whole lot easier, thanks to a new study.

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Cancer Screen Week Highlights Screening Challenges

Cancer screening is less straightforward than it might seem. Screening isn’t routinely recommended for some cancers, and has confusing guidelines about others.

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Grateful for Cancer?

Cancer is the ultimate wakeup call. It can teach us how to live life to the fullest, to appreciate every moment we have, and I'm grateful for that.

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To All Who Helped Along Your Cancer Journey

A simple thank you card and gift can go a long way to showing your appreciation for the family, friends, and doctors who helped you on your cancer journey.

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What's Your Real Risk For Cancer if You Drink Alcohol?

PJ Hamel breaks down the numbers to show you the context behind the risk of cancer from drinking alcohol.

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Thinking of Taking a Health Webinar? Do

Want to take a health webinar to learn more about a topic but not sure how to do so? Here are tips on registering, joining, and evaluating the speaker(s).

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Fighting Inflammatory Breast Cancer Needs More Than One Approach

Raising awareness, and finding a cure, for inflammatory breast cancer will take work. A consortium plans to tackle the IBC issue from multiple perspectives.

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Your Cancer Experience Isn't 'Average'

Don't get too hung up on statistics and what's 'average' about your type of cancer. The only 100 percent guarantee is your cancer experience will be unique.

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How Breast Cancer Became My Defining Moment

My breast cancer diagnosis felt devastating at the time. Little did I know it would lead to my true calling: Helping others with cancer.

Bethany Kandel is celebrating a decade of breast cancer survivorship.

Making Friends on Your Cancer Journey

Having support can make all the difference as a cancer survivor. Here's how comfort and hope from new friends can be an important part of healing.