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Navigating Work with Metastatic Breast Cancer

A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis can have a big impact on your job. Follow these 5 suggestions to find the best way forward with your employer.

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How To Tell Friends and Coworkers About Your Metastatic Breast Cancer

Keep in mind that you don’t always need to tell people about your diagnosis, but if you do, have your facts ready to make the process as easy as possible.

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How to Transition From Cancer Patient to Survivor

Some cancer survivors are surprised when they don’t go back to their usual selves. Here are tips to make transition into survivorship smoother.

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10 Steps for Coming Back from Cancer

How do you transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor? Follow these tips for what to expect as you come out the other side.

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Chemotherapy's Devastating Hidden Side Effects

Breast cancer survivors talk about the chemo side effect that you don’t always hear about - and certainly don’t expect to have years after chemo is done.

Businesswoman working in an office.

The Workplace and Breast Cancer: How to Balance the Two

How can you keep your job with breast cancer? Work with your symptoms and know what you want, among other tips outlined in this article.