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How to Do a Thyroid Neck Check

A thyroid neck check is an important habit you can do yourself to look for signs of thyroid issues including goiter and thyroid cancer. Just follow these steps.

Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer That Has Spread to the Brain

This May Not Work After Lung Cancer Spreads

Does radiation therapy help after lung cancer spreads to the brain? This research says it does very little.

An overweight woman looking at a clipboard with a young man.

The Weight-Cancer Connection

Some researchers estimate that obesity is responsible for 20 percent of all cancers , and that losing even a few pounds could lower your cancer risk.

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4 Self-Help Tips for Lymphedema

Twenty to 25 percent of breast cancer survivors develop this chronic condition. Here’s what you need to know about treating it.

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8 Viruses Linked to Cancer

Exercising safer sex practices can cut your chance of developing cancer from most of these viruses. Here’s what to know.

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Pets and Cancer Treatment: What to Know

Undergoing cancer treatment doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get rid of the animals you love. Here’s how you can stay safe.

Senior woman unable to fall asleep.

The Cancer is Gone. So Why Do Sleepless Nights Remain?

Insomnia is prevalent among those living with cancer. But even when the cancer is gone, sleep issues often remain.

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Dealing with Constipation During Cancer

Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States, affecting more than 4 million Americans and accounting for more than two million visits to the doctor each year. While the groups most often affected are women and adult...