First Person, Part 2: My Husband's Colon Cancer Worsens, He Enters Hospice

In the second of two parts, Judi Ebbert writes about the end of her husband’s cancer story.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

First Person, Part 1: My Husband Had Advanced Colon Cancer

In the first of two parts, Judi Ebbert, who usually writes for HealthCentral about the science of medicine, writes from a personal place: her own story of caregiving for her husband during his colon cancer journey.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

What Does It Take to Keep Working Through Colon Cancer Treatment?

Julie Self knows. “Work was all about scaling back expectations.”

By Pamela Kaufman

What Famous People Had Bladder Cancer?

Maybe not who you expected. The list is extensive and includes singers, politicians, and athletes.

By Sheila M. Eldred

How Can You Raise Bladder Cancer Awareness?

Tips include lobbying your lawmakers on Capitol Hill, run or walk in an event for the disease, and share your story in the media.

By Sheila M. Eldred

Step-by-Step Guide to Undergoing A Colonoscopy

From the first steps of prepping for a colonoscopy to what happens during the procedure, this slideshow walks you through the colorectal cancer screening process. Share with someone about to have the procedure – or read yourself if you need to have your first or a repeat test.

By Kathleen Hall, MBA

Bladder Cancer Survivor: ‘I had to decide what my priorities were: living, or losing my bladder’

Cynthia Kinsella didn’t sleep much the night after a biopsy revealed she had invasive bladder cancer. She calls it one of the worst nights of her life, spending much of it curled on the bathroom floor in the fetal position. She went on to create a large support network for other bladder cancer patients. Read more about her story.

By Sheila M. Eldred

What Are the Signs Your Lung Cancer Has Spread?

Fatigue, loss of appetite, and changes in your finger nails could be indications that your lung cancer has advanced, or metastasized.

All About Lymphoma, A Basic Explainer Story

“For a variety of reasons, one cell within the lymph system may go rogue and start growing abnormally and that’s what becomes a cancer.” Learn more about what happens next.

By Kathleen Hall, MBA

Colorectal Cancer Magazine Features Colorectal Cancer Survivors

The magazine from The Colon Club replaces a popular calendar that featured colon cancer survivors.

By Bethany Kandel