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Senior woman going for a jog outside in the winter.

Patience is the Cancer Survivor's Best Virtue

Here’s how embracing patience this year can help you have a more positive attitude as a cancer survivor.

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How Bruce Springsteen Helped a Breast Cancer Survivor

These are the life lessons from a Springsteen superfan who has long believed in the healing power of art and music.

Top Resources for Bladder Cancer Support

If you or someone you know is dealing with bladder cancer, these are the places where you can find support.

How to Prevent Bladder Cancer Relapse

Bladder cancer has one of the highest recurrence rates, so it’s important to follow these suggestions to prevent relapse.

Treatment Options for Advanced Bladder Cancer

Learn more about advanced bladder cancer and the treatment options for each stage.

Your Simple Guide to Bladder Cancer

Learn the basics about bladder cancer to help you better understand your illness and the treatment options available.

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Appreciating Time as a Cancer Survivor

For cancer survivors, here’s one New Year’s resolution to add to your list: Seize the day and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Before Treatment, I Wish I'd Known...

Michael offers 10 tips from his experience with oropharyngeal cancer treatment, from how to get support to nutrition and oral care.

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Breast Cancer Statistics: 2017 by the Numbers

Get the latest stats on incidence, mortality, survival, and screening by race/ethnicity in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society.

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5 Great Gifts Cancer Survivors Will Love

Looking for something to give a cancer survivor this holiday season? Here are 5 heartfelt gifts you can't buy at the store.