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Is John McCain a "Cancer Warrior"?

Is it troubling to call war hero John McCain's cancer experience a "battle" or a "fight"? What's the right way to talk about cancer?

By Phyllis Johnson

Man With Stage 4 Cancer Urges HPV Vaccination

Michael Becker always wanted to write a memoir. When he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, sharing his story suddenly took on even greater meaning.

By Lara DeSanto

One Man’s Journey with Testicular Cancer

Most people who have cancer won’t encounter it until much later in life, but testicular cancer is different — a male is at risk for it as early as 15 years old.

By Alisha Bridges

How to Transition From Cancer Patient to Survivor

Some cancer survivors are surprised when they don’t go back to their usual selves. Here are tips to make transition into survivorship smoother.

By Phyllis Johnson

When Cancer Strikes: First, Don't Panic

A cancer diagnose can feel overwhelming. Here's how to focus on what's important and prepare for the journey.

By PJ Hamel

Taxi Actress Talks Bladder Cancer

Actress, writer, and radio talk-show host Marilu Henner discusses her husbands journey with bladder cancer.

By Pamela Kaufman

Melanoma Cancer Can Return: What to Know

If you’ve had a melanoma, you must be vigilant about protecting your skin from the sun and examining it frequently for changes.

By Nancy Monson

Beware Cancer’s Hidden Costs: What to Look For

The cost of cancer goes well beyond surgery: how to plan for hidden out-of-pocket expenses.

By PJ Hamel

How to Reduce Costs for Cancer Drugs

Cancer drugs save lives, but at what cost? You can ease the financial burden – here’s how.

By Phyllis Johnson

Can you be part of co-creating a healthy future?

People with rare diseases often feel alone and powerless. Learn how combining with others can change that isolation to a sense of community and empowerment.

By Phyllis Johnson