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Dealing with Cancer through Poetry

You may not have thought of poetry as a way to deal with cancer. Reading poetry can both take you away from suffering and help you through the experience.

By Phyllis Johnson

Tips for Chronic Illness and a Clean House

How do you clean when you have cancer? Here are some tips to help.

By Phyllis Johnson

Learning to Accept Help with Breast Cancer

Cancer is a kick in the gut, but it can also be a wake-up call to stop running youself ragged. When people offer help, you should take it.

By PJ Hamel

'Cooling Caps' May Stop Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a devastating side effect of chemotherapy. But research is mounting in favor of “cooling caps,” which are aimed at helping to minimize that.

By Heather LaBruna

4 Self-Help Tips for Lymphedema

Twenty to 25 percent of breast cancer survivors develop this chronic condition. Here’s what you need to know about treating it.

By HealthAfter50

How Breast Cancer Affects Our Family

Read Phyllis Johnson's story about how her breast cancer affected her family, and how a trip to Maui helped her find new appreciation for being alive.

By Phyllis Johnson

Is Your Doctor a Jerk?

A bad relationship with someone on your medical team can make cancer treatment even worse. Here's how to deal with it.

By PJ Hamel

Have a Great Relationship with Your Care Team

Being respectful, saying thank you, and staying positive are a few of the strategies for building strong relationships with your medical team.

By PJ Hamel

10 Winter Tips for Cancer Survivors

If you're a breast cancer survivor, here are 10 helpful ways to keep yourself warm and healthy during the winter.

By PJ Hamel

5 Meaningful Ways to Support Cancer Patients

When Traver Hutchins was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2008, people were eager to help. Anyone who has ever had a family member, friend, or acquaintance diagnosed with cancer knows this feeling: the overwhelming desire to somehow show you care. ...

By Lara DeSanto