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Top Resources for People Living With Melanoma

No matter where you are in your cancer journey, it’s normal to need support. Here’s where you can find it.

By Eileen Bailey

Reduce Metastatic Breast Cancer Stress

Your body needs treatment, but so do your heart and mind. Here are some ways to regain (and maintain) emotional equilibrium despite the stress.

By PJ Hamel

Best Places to Find Colon Cancer Support

Whether you are looking for emotional support, statistics and other information after a colon cancer diagnosis, here's how to find it.

By Bethany Kandel

A Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer Journey

Stage IV lung cancer struck Millie when she was only 43, even though she never smoked. Read her story about how the experience turned her world upside down.

By Sheila M. Eldred

Did Your Cancer Diagnosis Scare Friends Away?

When you get a cancer diagnosis, it can cause once-thriving friendships to come to an end. Here's how fear can make people do strange things.

By PJ Hamel

Elevated CEA Levels After Breast Cancer: Should You Worry?

Allen’s wife is a seven-year survivor of breast cancer. Now, he asks, should he be concerned about her high CEA reading?

By Ask HealthCentral

Blood Bond: When Your Sister's the Stem Cell Match

A leukemia survivor (and grateful brother) shares the story of how his sister’s stem cells saved his life. Learn what it feels like to receive a stem cell transplant.

By Judi Ebbert, PhD, MPH, RN

10 Tips for Better Intimacy During Cancer Treatment

While cancer can make pleasure feel far from your priorities, these strategies can help you put some bliss back into bedtime.

By PJ Hamel

Climbing Your Mountain With Breast Cancer

Even after her breast cancer diagnosis, Lesley was determined to stay active, and experts believe exercise can have physical and psychological benefits.

By Stephanie Stephens

Working Out With Breast Cancer?

A cancer diagnosis doesn't mean you have to give up exercise. If you have the energy, here's how excercising during treatment can help you feel better.

By Stephanie Stephens