Cervical Cancer

Learn the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, along with diagnosis and treatment information and stories of diagnosis and survival.

Cervical Cancer

11 Important Facts About Cervical Cancer

by Stephanie Stephens Health Writer
Cervical Cancer

Complications of Cervical Cancer Treatment

by Kathleen Hall, MBA Health Writer
Cervical Cancer

Your Cervical Cancer Health Care Team Members

by Kathleen Hall, MBA Health Writer

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Why Is There No Screening for HPV-Related Throat Cancer?

More and more men are being diagnosed with HPV-related cancers of the throat. So why aren’t they routinely screened for the virus?

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Cervical Cancer

Gene Test for Cervical Cancer Is 100 Percent Effective, Researchers Say

While Pap smears and HPV tests have been fairly effective in detecting cervical cancer, a cervical cancer test based on epigenetics is basically fool-proof — and more affordable.

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Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

A New Vaccine Could Treat Existing HPV and Precancer of the Cervix

The current HPV vaccine, Gardasil9, prevents cervical cancer—but a new vaccine could actually get rid of HPV and precancerous cells in people who are already affected.

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The HPV Vaccine Prevents Cancer. So Why Aren’t More Kids Getting It?

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Cervical Cancer

A Pap Test Didn't Catch Her Cervical Cancer

Carolann's story shows that cervical cancer can happen to anyone, and why good HPV testing is so critical.

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Cervical Cancer

Need Help With Cervical Cancer?

If you or your loved ones are struggling after a cervical cancer diagnosis, check out these websites and organizations offering education and support.