Children's Health Topics


Time to Take the TV Remote Away From Your Toddler

Bubble Guppies, Super Why! Caillou: There are some pretty compelling shows for toddlers these days. But they shouldn’t be watching any TV, say pediatricians.

By Diane Domina

How Caffeine Reduces Childhood Sleep Quality

This study suggests that soda, chocolate, and energy drinks could be major culprits if your kids aren't getting enough sleep.

By Martin Reed

Reni's Migraine Tip: Don't Lose Your Binkit

Do you have a favorite item that’s a must-have during a migraine attack?

By Tammy Rome

Holiday Gifts for Kids with Health Challenges

If you know a child who is in the hospital or home sick over the holidays, delivering one of these gifts will help brighten their season.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

8 Safe Candies for Kids with Food Allergies

Halloween is a time for fun, but kids with food allergies need to be careful about which candies they eat. Here’s what to add to your trick-or-treat cauldron.

By The HealthCentral Editorial Team

Trick-or-Treating Tips for Kids With Diabetes

Halloween can be hard for a child with type 2 diabetes. These strategies will let your child have fun and enjoy some treats while staying healthy.

By Cindy Uken

U.S. Kids Rank 47 out of 50 on World Fitness Level

Fitness news is not looking good for U.S. kids. An international research team that studied and ranked the aerobic fitness level of children from 50 countries found that U.S. kids are at the back of the pack. The results, published in the British Jou...

By Amy Hendel, P.A.