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Doctor explaining new cholesterol guidelines to a patient.
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Updated High Cholesterol Guidelines: What's New?

The latest cholesterol guidelines may not have made the New York Times Best Sellers list, but they definitely have the attention of the medical community.

By Stephanie Stephens

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11 Expert Insights Into High Cholesterol

Let two top cardiologists explain the good, the bad, and, yep, the ugly about LDL and HDL cholesterol.

By Leah Silverman
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All About Triglycerides on Your Cholesterol Panel

Do you know what triglycerides are? Triglycerides are that number included at the end of every cholesterol panel. You know, the one your doctor usually ignores and most people don’t even know is there. What exactly does this neglected value mean? Tri...

By William Davis, M.D.
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Understanding the Variables That Predict Heart Disease

Reports from cholesterol lab tests cover a lot of ground. But what does it all mean?

By Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
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How Much Cholesterol Is OK on a Low-Cholesterol Diet?

So, how much cholesterol can you have per day on a low cholesterol diet? This is a pretty common question for anyone who has been told to lower their cholesterol levels. Firstly, let me say that cholesterol naturally occurs in all parts of the body, ...

By Melanie Thomassian
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How Do I Improve my Cholesterol Levels?

Question Asked by subhash Total Cholestterol 155 And Hdl 27 Ldl73 Vldl 56 Triglycerides 278 This Pressent How To Imporve Tn Answer Hi Subhash, Okay, let me give you some tips to help improve your cholesterol levels. First, your total cholesterol of 1...

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How Do I Lower my Total Cholesterol?

Question Asked by JAJ2009 How Do I Lower My Total Cholesterol, It Is 208, But Hdl-69, Ldl-108, Trig-31. I have been trying since going through menopause to get below 200 via diet/exercise. I do not know what else to change in my lifestyle. Any sugges...

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My "bad" Cholesterol is 130. How Do I Lower it?

Question Asked by andrea perelez My Bad Cohlesterol Is 130 What Do To Lower That Number And Should I Lose Weight? or just eat the right things? Answer Hi Andrea, By “bad cholesterol”, I am going to assume you mean your LDL cholesterol is 130. You do ...

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What Does it Mean if my Cholesterol is 187 and LDL is 134?

Question Asked by medlab What Does It Means If My Cholesterol Is 187 And My Ldl Is 134 An My Ldl:hdl Ratio Is 3.1? Answer Hi Medlab, Here are the recommendations of the American Heart Association: Total cholesterol less than 200 HDL cholesterol at le...

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My HDL is 113, LDL is 118, and TG are 69. Is this Healthy?

Question Asked by HihoSilver My Total Cholesterol Is 245, But My Hdl Is 113, My Ldl 118 And My Tryglicerides 69, How Healthy Is my cholesterol?? Answer Hi HihoSilver, It’s best to discuss your risk with your MD, but I’ll give you my input based on yo...

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How much Cholesterol is in Shrimp and crab meat?

Question Asked by Marlene How Much Cholesterol Is In Shrimp And Crab Meat And Is It Good Or Bad Cholesterol? Answer Hi Marlene, Dietary cholesterol (cholesterol found in foods) is not broken down into good and bad categories. After you ingest cholest...