Chronic Hives Topics


Chronic Hives and Diet: What the Research Says

Can certain foods trigger a chronic hive flare-up? Can a low-histamine diet relieve symptoms? Studies render different results. Here's a succinct summary of the research.

By Rachel Zohn

What Doctors Wish You Knew About Chronic Hives

Understanding this condition is key to managing your symptoms—doctors offer their insight on what you need to know.

By Eileen Bailey

Feeling Confused About Your Chronic Hives?

You're not alone. Many people never know why they have chronic urticaria. Here's the truth behind the most common chronic hives myths and misconceptions.

By Eileen Bailey

Debunking 3 Myths About Chronic Hives

Feeling confused about what causes chronic idiopathic urticaria and how to treat it? Get the facts here.

By Eileen Bailey