Chronic Hives Topics


6 Chronic Autoimmune Illnesses Linked to Chronic Hives

Studies link chronic hives with autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and celiac disease. Learn more about the connection.

By Rachel Zohn

9 Treatment Options for Chronic Hives

Many treatments are available for chronic hives today, including different kinds of medication, low-histamine diets, and vitamin D supplementation.

By Eileen Bailey

21 Ways to Prevent Chronic Hives Flare-Ups

How to prevent chronic hive flare-ups? Here are 21 ideas, including medical-related tips, suggestions from alternative medicine, and more.

By Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana

Practical Tips for Managing Chronic Hives

How do you manage a visible skin condition like chronic urticaria? Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana shares nine practical tips for living successfully with hives.

By Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana

Chronic Hives and PMS: 12 Things You Need to Know

For many women, chronic hives are worse during PMS and other times in their menstrual cycle. Learn how a woman's menstrual cyle affects her hives.

By Rachel Zohn

Could Your Chronic Hives Be Autoimmune In Nature?

Chronic hives can be associated with other conditions, like autoimmune and thyroid disease. Find out more about autoimmune hives and possible treatments.

By Rachel Zohn

Finding the Right Dermatologist for Chronic Hives

Nine questions to ask about your doctor to find out if you have the right dermatologist.

By Eileen Bailey

Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Chronic Hives

People diagnosed with chronic hives have many questions. Here are none to ask your doctor.

By Eileen Bailey

Caring for Your Skin During CIU Remission

Most of the time, hives are caused by an allergic reaction, however, with CIU, there is no known cause for the continuous hives. Find out how to care for your skin.

By Eileen Bailey

Hives Allergies or Asthma? These Orgs Can Help!

For anyone who develops hives, allergies, or asthma later in life, learning to manage the condition can be tricky. The following organizaions can help lead you in the right direction.

By Kristina Brooks