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Aaron and Stefanie in a congressional office, with staffer, during Headache on the Hill.

Cluster Headache Advocate Speaks Out

Cluster headache advocate Aaron Wiseman took part in Headache on the Hill in 2017 with his wife, Stefanie Garcia. Learn about his advocacy.

Dave deBronkart is "e-patient Dave."

Let Patients Help: Q&A With "e-Patient Dave"

HealthCentral talks to "e-Patient Dave," an advocate who empowers people with medical conditions to become active in their healthcare.

A gift box with a question mark inside.

Give the Gift of Great Experiences

Sometimes a great experience is the best gift you can give to someone you love who lives with a chronic illness.

Books about life with chronic illness.

Top Chronic Illness Books You Should Read

No matter what chronic illness you are living with, these books will have you nodding along.

A family at the airport watching planes take off.

Chronic Illness Support From Afar

Even if your family lives far away, these are some of the ways they can still offer support for your chronic illness.

Chronic pain treatments.

Indirect Costs of Chronic Pain

Money is not the only thing that chronic pain can cost you. These indirect costs could have a serious impact on your life.

Senior couple jogging on the beach

Q&A: How to Control Pain As You Age

If you're struggling with pain management as you get older, read this Q&A with Denis Patterson for medical and lifestyle advice that can help.

Acupuncture infographic

Acupuncture For Cancer Side Effects?

Women who have hot flashes as a result of breast cancer treatment may benefit from regular acupuncture treatments, according to this study.

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People in Pain at Risk for Falling

Falling down is more than a matter of getting up and dusting off. A fall can trigger an avalanche of health problems that occasionally lead to death or permanent disability. For this reason, fall prevention has become a top priority for healthcare pr...

woman with diabetes traveling with medication image

Tips for Traveling Traveling With Medication

Traveling when you have a chronic pain condition can be challenging. One of the issues you’ll have to contend with if you are flying and/or traveling to another country is how to transport your medications. Since the rules vary depending upon whether ...