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A doctor examines an older woman for arthritis.

Arthritis Includes A Wide Array of Diseases

Arthritis is not just one disease. Learn about the most common types, the symptoms you should watch for, and how to get an accurate diagnosis.

An elderly man works with a physical therapist for back pain.

When Back Pain Becomes Chronic

For genuine relief from chronic low back pain, you may have to try a combination of treatments.

Two men strain their backs lifting a large box.

The Most Common Causes of Back Pain

The exact cause of back pain is not easy to determine. Fortunately, about 90 percent of cases improve on their own. Here's what you should know.

Two older women walking together on the sidewalk.

Don't Ignore Your Buckling Knees

If you feel your knees buckling, you could be risking a fall. Here's why you should pay attention to knee instability and some exercises that can help.

A woman with spinal stenosis back pain gets out of bed.

Spinal Stenosis Versus Vascular Claudication

Spinal stenosis can often be confused with a different condition called vascular claudication. Here's how you can tell the two apart.

A man checking his prescription bottles.

6 Signs That You Might Be Addicted to Opioids

Opioid addiction is a compulsive behavior that can develop even when you're using pain pills for a medical reason. These are the signs you might be addicted.

Man scratches at his hands due to a chronic itch.

Is Severe Itching Worse Than Chronic Pain?

Everyone knows how hard it is to live with chronic pain, but neuropathic itching can be a special kind of torture, one with few treatment options.

A chiropractor aligns a patient's spine.

Can a Chiropractor Help Your Back Pain?

If you struggle with back pain, you've probably considered seeing a chiropractor. Learn the pros and cons of treating back pain with spinal manipulation.

A woman having a back spasm grabs her back in pain.

How To Find Relief For Back Spasms

Sudden, shooting back pain can be caused by a spasm. Learn what triggers back spasms, and the treatments you can use to find relief.

A man gets a back spasm while shoveling snow.

What to Do About Back Spasms

If you're susceptible to back spasms, this article can help you understand why they happen and what you can do to prevent them.