Pain Management

The best methods of management for conditions with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, TMJ disorder, and foot pain.


How Can You Ease Hand Pain for the Holidays?

Cold weather, rolling cookie dough, and wrapping gifts could all add to extra hand pain this holiday season. Planning for pain and using heat and cold to control it can help.

By Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

10 Experienced-Based Gifts for People with Chronic Illness

Sometimes an experience and having that memory is the best gift you can give/get.

By Marianna Paulson, B.Ed., B.P.E.-O.R.

How to Learn Your Family's Health History and Why It Matters

Why you should find out your family’s health history while you can — before it’s too late.

By Marianna Paulson, B.Ed., B.P.E.-O.R.

Tips for Getting an Accurate Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

There is no test that can confirm fibromyalgia, but these tips can help rule out other conditions with similar symptoms.

By Ginger Vieira

Top Chronic Illness Books You Should Read

No matter what chronic illness you are living with, these books will have you nodding along.

By Lene Andersen, MSW

How Potlucks Became My Social Life

Maintaining a social life with chronic illness isn’t easy — unless you succumb to hosting potlucks.

By Charis Hill

I have RA and I Finally Asked My Mom About Her Chronic Pain

There are a lot of theories about whether chronic illness is hereditary, but in this case, it is.

By Emil DeAndreis

Emil Tries It: Yoga for RA

Our male RA HealthCentral writer takes a yoga class — and likes it! How it helped his RA.

By Emil DeAndreis

What Myotherapies Could Help You With Pain Management?

Myofascial dysfunction can be a primary source of chronic pain, and it can perpetuate pain in other diseases that involve chronic pain. But there are treatments.

By Celeste Cooper, RN

What Role Does Family Health Play in Your Chronic Pain?

Research shows that some pain may be hereditary. Speaking to family members about your family health history can help you better understand your chronic pain, as we all as how to manage it.

By Celeste Cooper, RN