Colon Cancer

Tree Nuts Reduce Colon Cancer Recurrences

Results of a new study that will be presented at the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in June suggest eating tree nuts—at least 2 ounces per week—can cut the risk of death from colorectal cancer in half in people previ...


Screen for Colorectal Cancer Earlier, Says Cancer Group

According to the guidelines, people at average risk for colorectal cancer should begin screening at age 45, rather than the previous recommendation of 50. Additional changes include updates to colorectal cancer screening test option guidelines.

By Diane Domina

Colon Cancer Survivor: ‘EVERY Voice Matters’ In Patient Advocacy

Trish Lannon was diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer at the age of 39. The diagnosis, and treatment, changed her life, making her a patient advocate who regularly goes on Capitol Hill. Here’s her story.

By Erin L. Boyle

Top Resources for Colon Cancer Support

Whether you are looking for emotional support or statistics and other information, there is help available to you.

By Bethany Kandel

Cancer Screen Week Highlights Screening Challenges

Cancer screening is less straightforward than it might seem. Screening isn’t routinely recommended for some cancers, and has confusing guidelines about others.

By PJ Hamel

Factors That May Raise an IBD Child's Risk of Cancer

While cancer risk is relatively low, it’s still good to be aware of what to look for and when to notify the doctor.

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley