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Could Watching TV Raise Your Colon Cancer Risk?

There may be a link between early-onset colorectal cancer — colon or rectal cancer diagnosed before age 50 — and time spent sitting and watching television.

By Diane Domina

Are Obese Women at Risk for Colon Cancer?

Young women who are obese should be vigilant about colon cancer, according to this study that found a link between obesity and early-onset colorectal cancer.

By Diane Domina

Factors That May Raise an IBD Child's Risk of Cancer

While cancer risk is relatively low, it’s still good to be aware of what to look for and when to notify the doctor.

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley

Can Aspirin Lower Cancer Risk?

A daily aspirin, along with cancer screening and other lifestyle measures, may lower your risk for cancers of the digestive tract.

By Monica Smith

More Cancers Linked to Weight

As obesity rates keep rising, a new study finds even more connections between high BMI and many cancers, including colon, breast, blood, and brain cancers.

Six Factors that Raise Your Colon Cancer Risk

Here's what you should know about how age, race, family history, and conditions like IBD can affect your chances of getting colon cancer.

By Sara Suchy