Complementary Medicine

Complementary medicine and treatment options to accompany traditonal treatments for your chronic illness, such as diet, exercise, naturpathy, and more.

The Lowdown on Alternative Medicines?

So many terms are used to describe non-traditional medicine, but what do they all mean? There is scientific evidence to support traditional “Western” therapies, but what about the so-called “alternative” medicines? Nearly 40 percent of adults report ...


Can Acupuncture Help MS Patients Walk Better?

A recent study found that acupuncture improved walking speed in 85 percent of people with MS.

By Lisa Emrich

Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Approximately 38 percent of adult Americans use some type of complementary medicine.

By Celeste Cooper, RN

Using Acupressure for Cancer Symptoms and Insomnia

A research study suggests that cancer symptoms and sleep issues may be improved by alternative therapies, such as acupressure.

By Martin Reed

Complementary Care Can Help You Manage Diabetes

Many people who have diabetes use complementary care providers. But unlike conventional Western medicine, which is largely based on evidence, much complementary medicine lacks a solid research basis. Whether you will benefit from complementary medici...

By David Mendosa

Suffering From Cancer Side Effects? Consider Acupuncture

In a study released in March, new research from Italy reveals that women experiencing hot flashes as a result of breast cancer treatment see a significant reduction in hot flash frequency when they receive regular acupuncture treatments. An earlier s...

By PJ Hamel