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Young man and old man playing chess in the park

Your Parent With Dementia Needs Help, but Won't Admit It

Here’s how to maintain their dignity and offer choices.

Happy couple after tennis match on court.

The Truth About Preventing Memory Loss

Doing puzzles and taking supplements aren’t going to cut it. The good news? Warding off dementia is probably easier than you think.

Senior couple opening a bottle of wine in the kitchen at home.

Alcohol and Dementia Risk: Moderation Really Is Key

People who abstain from alcohol or have more than 14 alcoholic drinks per week in middle age are both more likely to develop dementia — for different reasons.

senior man feeding birds

Can Caregivers Take Away Dignity by Overdoing the Help?

As caregivers, we sometimes have to go with our gut. We'll often do the right thing. We'll occasionally do the wrong thing. Many times we won't know which it was - right or wrong.