Memory Loss

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Young man and old man playing chess in the park

Your Parent With Dementia Needs Help, but Won't Admit It

Here’s how to maintain their dignity and offer choices.

Happy couple after tennis match on court.

The Truth About Preventing Memory Loss

Doing puzzles and taking supplements aren’t going to cut it. The good news? Warding off dementia is probably easier than you think.

Woman embarrassed by what her mother is saying.

How to Deal With Embarrassment When Your Loved One Has Dementia

You think kids say the darndest things? Consider the loose words of a loved one with dementia. How to cope? Here’s some wise guidance.

Hot chocolate.

Could Cocoa Drinks Reverse Memory Loss?

Daily cocoa consumption may soon be prescribed to older adults who wish to slow or even reverse cognitive declines. A study is providing important insights into the association between the flavanols in cocoa and memory performance.