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Why Does Traumatic Brain Injury Increase Dementia Risk?

Why Does Traumatic Brain Injury Increase Dementia Risk?

Traumatic brain injury greatly increases the risk of developing dementia, but the link between these two conditions is unclear.

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3 Surprising Ways You Can Lose Your Memory

Taking certain medications, ignoring medical conditions like depression, or not getting enough vitamin B12 can each contribute to memory loss.

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A Preventable Dementia Called CTE

The brain pathology of this form of dementia shares some similarities with Alzheimer’s, though there are marked differences as well.

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Vascular Dementia and Other Causes of Memory Loss

After eliminating other causes of memory loss, a physician will consider irreversible dementias as possible diagnoses.

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Why It's Smart to Ask For a Memory Test

Some types of memory loss may indicate mild cognitive impairment. Here’s what to know.