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Why Language Matters With Dementia

Words like "suffering" and "patient" place dementia in a tragedy narrative and make it difficult for the caregiver to stay positive.

By The Candid Caregiver
When Is It Time for a Dementia Evaluation?

When Is It Time for a Dementia Evaluation?

How do you know if changes in your loved one’s memory are serious and warrant an evaluation by a health professional—and how do you get him or her to go?

By Tim Gower
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Warning Signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment

People with mild cognitive impairment are more forgetful than normal for their age, but they don’t experience other cognitive problems associated with dementia, such as disorientation or confusion about routine activities.

By HealthAfter50
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What Is Dementia? What Doctors Check For

The first step in diagnosis is a thorough medical history and physical exam. That might seem unnecessary, but other conditions can have a an effect on memory.

By HealthAfter50
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3 Surprising Ways You Can Lose Your Memory

Taking certain medications, ignoring medical conditions like depression, or not getting enough vitamin B12 can each contribute to memory loss.

By HealthAfter50