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What Are the Steps to Take After a Bipolar Disorder and Depression Diagnosis?

You’ve just received the news – you have bipolar disorder and depression. What do you do next? Learn more here.

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The Many Depression Myths That Cause Stigma

Stigma around mental health seems all the more surprising when we consider that around 60 million Americans have a mental illness in any given year. But it happens. Here’s how.

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Decoding Depression: Mood Changes

One of the main signs of depression, but often commonly misunderstood or criticized.

Detecting psychosis concept, paper torn back to reveal psychosis.

Why We Need Early Detection of Psychosis

People with psychosis who don’t receive proper treatment are likely to end up homeless or in jail.

Happy retired couple jogging in park, depression isn't normal aging.

Depression Is Not a 'Normal' Consequence of Aging

Remember: An active mind and body protect against depression.

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Migraine Arsenal Essentials: Hope

It’s vitally important to have a positive attitude, and maintain hope, when trying new Migraine treatments.

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How Alcoholism Led to a Diabetes Diagnosis

Chronic alcohol use is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Here's the story of James Cato Ferguson, whose heavy drinking caused his diabetes.

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How to Lift Late-Life Depression

Many older adults mistakenly believe their sadness is a normal part of aging. But untreated late-life depression can intensify. Here’s how to find help.

Hope for Achieving Happiness After Depression

Hope for Achieving Happiness After Depression

Approximately two of every five people who are depressed later go on to become happy or satisfied with their lives most of the time, according to new research.

Is It Depression or a Thyroid Problem?

Is It Depression or a Thyroid Problem?

Research shows that even minor fluctuations in thyroid gland activity increase the risk for depression and depressive symptoms, especially in older adults.