Friends Can Stop Insomnia From Turning Into Depression

Studies show that insomnia can double the risk of developing depression, but a good social support system can decrease that risk.

By Martin Reed

Tips for Dating Someone With Depression

Remember: Every person has the potential to be in a successful, healthy, romantic relationship.

By Mike Veny

Using Christmas for Some Needed Time to Yourself

Spending Christmas alone can be uplifting, as well as a time for personal indulgence or betterment.

By Jerry Kennard, Ph.D., CPsychol., AFBPsS

Depression: When Family Lets You Down

How a family is organized can help explain why depression affects some people disproportionately.

By Jerry Kennard, Ph.D., CPsychol., AFBPsS

Why You Need a Plan to Conquer Loneliness

Social isolation is not good for the body or the mind. To stave off loneliness, here’s some advice from experts and people who’ve been there.

By Stephanie Stephens