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Friends toasting marshmallows at the beach.

Friends Can Stop Insomnia From Turning Into Depression

Studies show that insomnia can double the risk of developing depression, but a good social support system can decrease that risk.

Couple holding hands while sitting on a wall.

Tips for Dating Someone With Depression

Remember: Every person has the potential to be in a successful, healthy, romantic relationship.

Spending Christmas alone can be an indulgence day

Using Christmas for Some Needed Time to Yourself

Spending Christmas alone can be uplifting, as well as a time for personal indulgence or betterment.

Depressed man without family support

Depression: When Family Lets You Down

How a family is organized can help explain why depression affects some people disproportionately.

Older couples sit outside talking.

Why You Need a Plan to Conquer Loneliness

Social isolation is not good for the body or the mind. To stave off loneliness, here’s some advice from experts and people who’ve been there.