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Woman doing stretches while on a jog and smiling.

Small Steps to Fight Depression

As little as one hour of “deliberate physical activity” each week can help your mood.

Colorful winter sunset.

The Latest Treatments for SAD

Insights from the doctor who first diagnosed SAD and the first to use light therapy to treat it.

Men on their riverboards.

Veterans Participate in Extreme Sports to Help Fight PTSD, Depression

The story of how a thesis project became a life-changing initiative that helps veterans battle depression, isolation and suicide.

Woman smiling while riding a bicycle in New York City.

Using the Power of Choice to Change Your Mood

By exercising the choices available to us we can lift or change our mood completely.

Woman traveling on islands image.

Travel as Depression Therapy

Mild depression may lift as a result of getting away from it all but travel itself will not cure depression.

Woman cleaning the floor image.

Bipolar: How to Restore Activity Levels

For people who are sensitive to changes in routine, restoring activity levels to normal is key.

Man gardening and holding a plant outside image

Activities to Ease Depression

Seemingly “small” activities can help restore confidence and enthusiasm when living with depression.