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Children ready to trick-or-treat

Trick-or-Treating Tips for Kids With Diabetes

Halloween can be hard for a child with type 2 diabetes. These strategies will let your child have fun and enjoy some treats while staying healthy.

A father sending his son to school with a healthy lunch.

10 Tips for Packing a Diabetes-Friendly Lunch

When your child has diabetes, it’s important to send them to school with a lunch that helps them keep their condition under control all day.

Vegan written out in vegetables.

7 Tips For Going Vegan

If you're considering a vegan diet, read these seven helpful tips on how to go vegan, from the author of The Struggling Vegan.

Fatty fish, like salmon, can help protect against diabetic retinopathy.

How Diet Can Reduce Diabetic Retinopathy Risk

A diet high in healthy fats, such as oily fish, may significantly reduce the risk of diabetic retinopathy in older adults.

A box of organically grown produce for a diabetes diet.

Should You Eat Organic for Diabetes?

Eating organically grown food is especially important for people with diabetes who may have a compromised immune system.

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The Best Vinegars for Diabetes

Vinegar has so many uses, ranging from cooking and canning to cleaning. But it’s especially valuable if you have diabetes.


10 Superfoods for Type 2 Diabetes

Have you tried these 10 superfoods that can help keep your blood sugar in check? Learn more about their health benefits and how to add them to your meals.

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The Most Dangerous Sweeteners for Diabetes

Sugar raises our blood glucose and increases our weight without giving us any nutrients in return. Do you know about these common alternative sweeteners?

Eating More Fruit: Does It Matter?

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables: Does It Matter?

People with diabetes probably need to eat more fruit and veggies. But we have to choose them carefully.

cup of sugar substitute packages

What You Should Know About Sugar Substitutes

Choosing foods and beverages made with no- and low-calorie sugar substitutes may seem like a guilt-free way to satisfy a sweet tooth. But how do they affect blood glucose?