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The Best and Worst Cooking Oils for People With Diabetes

Oils for cooking and for making salads contain some of the most important fats in our diets. Can you tell the good from the bad?

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The Basic 6 Vitamins and Minerals for Diabetes

Vitamin and mineral supplements can reduce diabetes complications by improving blood glucose and weight. Do you know about all six of them?

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The 10 Best Low-Glycemic Foods

Do you know abouut these common foods that can help manage diabetes? They are low-glycemic, meaning they have little or no effect on your blood glucose.

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The Best Cereals for Blood Sugar

If you read the labels carefully, you will be able to find several healthy cereals to jumpstart your day and still keep your diabetes under control.

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Drinks to Avoid with Diabetes

Seasonal drinks can be awfully tempting, but it’s best to avoid them to control your diabetes. Avoid these 5 drinks and try these alternative recipes.

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Stop Counting Calories and Emphasize Nutrition Value for Heart Health

Counting calories is the cornerstone of weight loss. It’s also one of the tools that will help you to keep weight off once you hit your goal weight. We count calories burned when we exercise too. In fact, it’s all about calories when people discuss w...

Blueberries in plain yogurt.

The Best Yogurt for People With Diabetes

Yogurt can be one of the best foods for people with diabetes to eat due to its friendly bacteria. It is the probiotic food that we eat the most.

Protein powder scoop.

Protein Powder for Diabetes

Is taking whey protein powder good or bad for people with type 2 diabetes? Many people supplement food and drinks with a scoop or two of protein powder.

Healthy homemade pizza.

Can I Eat Pizza If I Have Diabetes?

Is pizza incompatible with diabetes? How can incorporate pizza into your diet without experiencing marked hyperglycemia?

Autumnal quinoa salad with pumpkin and vegetables in a frying pan.

The Best Grains for Diabetics

Limiting carbohydrates, especially grains, is an important dietary step in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.