Diabetic Pastry Chef Shares Her Best Dessert-Making Moves

Stacey aka The Diabetic Pastry Chef tastes desserts all day but she’s still impressing her doctor. Find out about her favorite sugar substitutes and flour mixes.

By Pamela Kaufman

Delicious Keto Recipes for Diabetes

If you’re trying to cut down on your carb intake for blood sugar control, you may want to consider giving the keto diet a try. You won’t have to skimp on delicious meals — just try these recipes to see!

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10 Best Blogs About Living with Type 2 Diabetes

These top blogs about Type 2 diabetes cover everything from food to advocacy. Read more from the experts who are living with and treating diabetes.

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Recipe for Weight Loss, Glucose Control Lies in Meal Size

A 2018 study suggests that not only what you eat, but how much you eat and when may have significant effects on weight loss and blood glucose control.

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Remake of Traditional Holiday Recipes

If you have a chronic condition, sticking to foods that are good for you can be challenging, but we have you covered.

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Cooking Gifts for Someone With a Chronic Illness

These gifts are perfect for someone who likes to cook, but lacks the tools to help them out.

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