Risk Factors


Biotin: What Is It, and How Much Is Optimal?

While biotin is hailed as the supplement for healthy nails and hair, it can also help with those who have diabetes and multiple sclerosis. However, it can also interfere with medications for those with hypothyroidism. Here’s what you need to know.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

America's Rising Diabetes Rates

It’s the kind of health statistic we don’t want to hear: in less than a decade, the percentage of adults diagnosed with diabetes has risen in 18 states.

By Mary Shomon

Can Dairy Products Reduce Your Type 2 Diabetes Risk?

Does eating dairy products reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes? Find out how eating milk, cheese, and yogurt can affect your hunger and appetite.

By Mary Shomon

Melatonin Levels Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

Type 2 diabetes risk may be affected by the level of melatonin in the body. Learn more about how this common sleep supplement affects hormonal health.

By Mary Shomon

Eating Gluten in Pregnancy Linked to Diabetes Risk in Children

Can a gluten-free diet during pregnancy reduce your child's risk of diabetes? And is it safe to cut gluten out of your diet while you are pregnant?

By Mary Shomon

Are Loneliness and Diabetes Linked?

Diabetes can make you feel lonely or isolated. Learn about the connection between chronic illness and loneliness and what you can do to combat it.

By Lisa Fields

Can Drinking Milk at Breakfast Lower Your Blood Sugar All Day?

Having high-protein milk at breakfast can lower blood sugar into the afternoon, a finding that could provide benefits for managing type 2 diabetes.

By Diane Domina

Heart Disease Prevention for People With Diabetes

Diabetes may put you at an increased risk of heart disease. Learn what you can do to reduce your risks and improve your cardiovascular health.

By Mary Shomon

Diabetes and Heart Risk Assessment

If you have diabetes, you might be at a higher risk for heart disease. Take this assessment to learn more about how to prevent heart complications.

By Lisa Fields

Does a Mother's Diabetes Increase Her Child's Risk of Autism?

Autism in children has been associated with maternal diabetes. Find out what you can do to minimize this risk during pregnancy.

By Ginger Vieira