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Patients Must Speak Up on Insulin Costs

Insulin prices are rising. But what can you, as a patient, do about it?

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Should You Fire Your Doctor?

If you're unhappy with your doctor, you have two choices: You can discuss your concerns or simply find a new doctor.

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How to Quickly Reduce Your Blood Glucose

Learn how to effectively manage your diabetes instead of just treating the effects of symptoms or letting the disease control your life.

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Fasting Is Beneficial and Easy for Diabetes

People fast for health, spiritual, or other reasons, but here’s why one health expert uses fasts for diabetes.

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Is Big Sugar Corrupting Your Diabetes Management?

Sugar is sweet, but the sugar industry isn’t. It uses underhanded tactics that undermine the health of people with diabetes.

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The Diabetes Connection to the Sugar Scandal

Efforts to exonerate sugar as a culprit in diabetes have left a tarnish on the medical research industry and is leaving consumers with questions.