Benefits of Careful Blood Sugar Management

Learn about the many health benefits of careful blood sugar management. Find out about optimal blood sugar target levels and how to achieve them.

By Mary Shomon

Best Times to Test Your Blood Sugar

When you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels don’t always stay in an optimal range. Testing your blood sugar helps you understand how food, activity, and medicine affect your blood glucose.

By Eileen Bailey

Getting Started with a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

A continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, can continually test your glucose level. Learn how this device works and how it helps with diabetes management.

By Mary Shomon

Testing Your Child's Risk of Developing Diabetes

Join research exploring “ways to prevent, delay, and reverse the pro-gression of type 1 diabetes.”

By Ginger Vieira

The Evolving Subtypes of Diabetes

Diabetes research is finding that there are hybrids of type 1 and type 2 as well as different subtypes of the disease.

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

New CGM Eliminates Finger Sticks

A new continuous glucose monitor nearly eliminates the need for routine finger sticks, boosting compliance for some people with diabetes.

By Monica Beyer

Thyroid Disease and Diabetes

Know the symptoms, treatment options, and risk factors for this condition-combo.

By Mary Shomon

The 9 Tests You Must Get if You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Keep your diabetes under control by getting these important tests at least once a year.

By Cindy Uken

10 Ways to Have a Healthy Pregnancy With Diabetes

Put your mind at ease with these tips on how to prepare before you conceive and what you can do once you’re pregnant.

By Ginger Vieira

4 Lab Tests for Diabetes

If you have symptoms that suggest you may have diabetes, here are the lab tests you’ll need to confirm the diagnosis.

By HealthAfter50