Diabetes in History

Learn about the origins of diabetes in history and how treatment has developed over the years and changed our modern understanding of the disease.

By Eileen Bailey

Skin Conditions Associated With Diabetes

Diabetes can affect the whole body, including your skin. Find out about 10 skin conditions that are associated with diabetes and how to treat them.

By Eileen Bailey

The Missing Link in Treating Diabetes: Too Few Diabetologists

The number of diabetologists who specialize in diabetes management is dwindling in the U.S. and primary care physicians treat 82 percent of diabetics.

By Diane Domina

Tips for Using a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor

Try these helpful tips to help you optimize your Dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM), improve your ability to track and manage your bloods sugar.

By Mary Shomon

What You Need to Know About Implantable CGMs

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) use a sensor inserted below the skin. Learn about the different implantable CGM products and how they compare.

By Mary Shomon

How Does High Intensity Insulin Treatment Affect The Heart?

Managing diabetes and heart health may require less intense insulin treatment. Learn about different treatments approaches and how they may affect the heart.

By Gretchen Becker

How Technology Is Changing Diabetes Management

Learn how technology is changing everything from glucose monitoring to insulin treatments. Find out about the products making diabetes more manageable.

By Eileen Bailey

How Your Hypothyroidism Can Lead You To Develop Diabetes

The underlying side effects of hypothyroidism — including weight gain, elevated blood sugar, and other hormonally-related issues — contribute to your increased risk of insulin resistance, which is a crucial marker for the risk of type 2 diabetes.

By Mary Shomon

Understand Your Insulin Treatment Plan

Learn about the different types of insulin, how to make a treatment plan, what to do if you forget a dose, and the risks of not taking your prescribed insulin.

By Mary Shomon

What You Need to Know About Access to Insulin Treatment

Learn about insulin treatment for diabetes, including the different products that help with delivery and how to get insulin when you don’t have insurance.

By Eileen Bailey