Diabetic Retinopathy

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Let's Talk About Diabetic Retinopathy

Get all the details on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this diabetic eye disease, plus how to make life easier.

By Patty Onderko
Eye Injection Risks

What Are the Risks of Eye Injections?

Anti-VEGF injections are highly effective medications, but as with all drugs, there are some potential (though uncommon) complications.

Eye Injection Basics

What Are Eye Injections Really Like?

Deeeep breath. This treatment isn't as stressful as you may think.

DR Treatment

How Is Diabetic Retinopathy Treated?

Treatments for diabetic retinopathy range from routine monitoring to laser therapy.

DR Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of DR?

You might not have any warning signs of diabetic retinopathy. But if you do, this is how you'll know.

diabetes and eye health

What Is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Learn how high blood sugar can impact the health of your eyes.

DR DME Prevention

How Can I Prevent DR and DME?

Stay on top of your blood-sugar levels, and your eye health will benefit, too.

Retinal scan showing diabetic retinopathy

Can You Cure Diabetic Retinopathy?

Get answers to this and all your other questions about how to best protect your eyesight when you have diabetes.

By Renée Bacher