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Risk Factors

Avoiding Dry-Eye Triggers

Try these tips to soothe dry eyes and relieve discomfort.

By Stephanie Marioneaux, M.D.
A man with dry eye putting eye drops in his eye.

How To Treat Dry Eye from Chronic Pain

Some chronic pain disorders can cause dry eye. Here's what you should know about this complex condition and the treatments that might help.

By Celeste Cooper, RN
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Allergic Eye Reactions Include Dryness

Instead of watery eyes, this year you may find your eyes are unusually dry. Could it be allergies or something else?

By James Thompson, M.D.
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How to Treat Dry Eyes

Dry eyes usually respond to the use of artificial tears being used regularly during the day. Lubricating eye drops alleviate the dry, scratchy feeling.

By Yumhee Park